How to Overcome Sexual Weakness Naturally

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Sexual dysfunction among young people is increasing day by day. At present, 1 out of every 6 people in the world is getting prostate cancer and its number is increasing.

Due to which the number of infertility and sexually transmitted diseases are increasing in hospitals now.

Medicinal techniques and psychological treatments with side effects to increase sexual potency are now almost obsolete. Nowadays, natural aphrodisiacs or sex enhancers are considered to be much more effective in increasing sexual energy. So if you want to be sexually fit in married life, you have to pay full attention to your daily diet. Because a happy marriage requires work from both parties.

However, it is often seen that sexual problems cause unrest in the family and even lead to separation. So even if you are careful beforehand, you may not face such a situation. You don’t need any medicine to increase your sexual energy, daily nutritious food is enough for that. Keep regular milk, eggs, and honey on your food menu and live a regular life, then don’t suffer from sexual weakness.

Some special Foods for good Sexual Health


Many people do not like to eat but make it an absolute friend. Vegetables have “folate” which means flick acid. Decreased folic acid in the body can lead to various problems in men, such as coldness in the genitals, erectile dysfunction, etc. In addition, vegetables contain magnesium, which increases the body’s testosterone levels.


It will keep your body and mind strong. It is a stimulant drink that keeps the nerves active. A study of 5,000 people found that those who drank coffee regularly had a lower rate of erectile dysfunction.


It is said that 1 apple a day will keep you away from the doctor. But the truth is, the doctor is not your enemy. Apples will keep you away from prostate cancer. Apples contain “arsenic acid” which prevents prostate cancer cells from growing.


There are other test call results. It contains Vitamin E which enhances sperm quality and eliminates infertility. Also, avocados contain zinc, which boosts testosterone levels and balances sperm motility.


One study found that people who prefer salty foods have more testosterone in their saliva. Those who eat less or eat less have less saliva in their saliva.

Rusty capsaicin stimulates the placental center of the brain which makes your sexual intercourse enjoyable and prolonged.


It was used as a medicine for men in ancient times. The “carotenoids” in carrots will increase the number of your sperm, the lack of which leads to infertility.

Moreover, it increases the mobility of the sperm so that every sexual intercourse increases the chances of getting pregnant.


It increases blood flow to your penis. It helps to prevent rapid ejaculation.


It is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. It produces quality sperm. The lycopene and vitamin C in tomatoes help prevent prostate cancer and prevent ejaculation.


Milk is a wonderful food to overcome sexual weakness and increase sexual arousal. Every morning, you can boil 1 egg at least 5 days a week and eat. This will solve your sexual weakness.


Natural foods that are high in animal fats improve your sex life. For example, pure milk, skim milk, butter, etc. Most people want to avoid fatty foods. But if you want to increase the production of sex hormones in the body, then you need a lot of fatty foods. But all must be natural and saturated fat.


Everyone knows more or less about the benefits of honey to solve sexual weakness. So to increase sexual energy, drink 1 glass of warm water mixed with 1 teaspoon of pure honey at least 3/4 days every week.


If you have sexual problems, make it a habit to eat garlic regularly now. From time immemorial, the nutritional value of garlic has been universally acknowledged for enhancing sexual arousal in both men and women and keeping the genitals fully active. Garlic contains an ingredient called allicin which increases blood flow to the sexual organs.


Studies have shown that a kind of aphrodisiac compound is secreted from nutmeg. In general, this compound stimulates nerve cells and increases blood circulation. As a result, your sexual desire increases. If you can eat nutmeg mixed with coffee, then the work of the two can be found together.


Chocolate always has a relationship with love and sex. It contains phenylethylamine (PEA) and serotonin. These two substances are also present in our brains. These help to increase sexual arousal and energy levels in the body. Anandamide in combination with PEA helps in reaching orgasm.


Banana contains vitamins A, B, C, and potassium. Vitamin B and potassium increase the production of sex juice in the human body. It is also bromelain in bananas. Which also helps to increase the level of testosterone in the body. And above all, bananas contain a lot of sugars that increase your body’s energy. As a result, even if you have sex for a long time, you will not get tired.

Vitamin C Fruits

If you want to maintain good sexual health, put colorful fruits on your food list every day. Fruits like grapes, oranges, lemons, watermelons, peaches, etc. are extremely beneficial for increasing sexual potency. Studies have shown that having at least 200 mg of vitamin C in a man’s daily diet improves his sperm quality. Among these, the effect of watermelon is more. Many have compared watermelon to the sexually stimulating drug Viagra.


Beef contains a lot of zinc. So you eat low-fat beef to make your sex life more enjoyable. For example, beef shoulder, leg meat have less fat and more zinc. Meat from these places contains 10 mg of zinc per 100 g.

Eat more watermelon

Red and juicy watermelon can be the new romantic food. Researchers at the Texas A&M Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center in College Station, Texas, have discovered that the phytonutrients in watermelon can cause Viagra-like reactions. This juicy fruit contains citrulline which keeps the blood vessels of the body relaxed – this benefits your heart, circulatory system, and immune system.

Expert advice to overcome sexual weakness

Give time yourself

Dr. “As a man gets older, it can take a long time for his penis to get aroused,” Baum said.
He said it takes a few seconds for the penis to grow in men between the ages of 18 and 20 and one or two minutes for men in their thirties and forties. But the fact that a man in his sixties does not have a penis after one or two minutes does not mean that he is incapable of sexual intercourse. It can take a long time. ‘ In men between the ages of 60 and 70, it may take a day or more for the penis to regenerate. In this context, Dr. “It’s a natural effect of old age,” Baum said.

Consider your medication

The main cause of erectile dysfunction may be prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications such as antihistamines, diuretics, heart medications, high blood pressure medications, or sleeping pills. The response to these drugs is not the same for all men. Dr. “Drug-induced erectile dysfunction is most common in men over the age of 50,” Baum said. About 100 medications have been identified that can cause erectile dysfunction. ‘If you suspect that your medication is causing the problem, talk to your doctor and find out if you need to change the dose of medication.

Limit alcohol

Shakespeare Macbeth rightly said – alcohol arouses the desire for sex, but deprives performance. This happens because alcohol is a nervous system depressant. It prevents the stimulus-response and creates the opposite condition of the stimulus. Even two drinks during cocktail hours can be a cause for concern. Excessive alcohol over time will cause hormonal imbalances. Dr. “Alcohol can cause nerve and liver damage in the long run,” Baum said. Without the right proportions of testosterone and other hormones, your penis will not grow normally.

Keep an eye on the arteries

Irwin Goldstein, a clinical professor at San Diego-based University of California Surgery and director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital, said: “The penis is a vascular organ or circulatory organ. Dr. Goldstein said, “The arteries that supply blood to the penis of all men in their thirties become a little narrower.” So pay attention to what you eat. Dr. “One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is high cholesterol,” said Goldstein. It damages the erectile tissue. ‘

Don’t smoke

Dr. “Studies have shown that nicotine can be a blood vessel constrictor,” said Baum. In a study at the University of Texas, researchers divided smokers into two groups – one called nicotine chewing gum and the other placebo chewing gum. People who chew nicotine chewing gum have 23 percent less sexual arousal than men who chew placebo chewing gum.

Lose weight

Studies have shown that obese men are more prone to erectile dysfunction. If you are 20 percent heavier than your ideal weight, consider losing a few pounds. You can associate yourself with karate or any weight training program. A fit body not only reduces the problem of erectile dysfunction but also increases confidence. Dr. Goldstein said: “The more physically fit a man is, the more he will feel fit for sex.”

Have more intercourse

A five-year study of 1,000 Finnish men aged 55 to 75 found that those who did not have sex once a week had twice as much erectile dysfunction as men who had sex once a week. Researchers have concluded that regular sexual intercourse protects men from erectile dysfunction.

Stay relaxed

It is important to keep the mind relaxed for the erection of the penis. Why? Your nervous system operates in two modes: one is the sympathetic nervous system and the other is the parasympathetic nervous system. When your sympathetic nerve network is affected, your body is literally alert. Adrenal hormones keep you ready to fight or fly. Nervous weakness and anxiety pull blood from your digestive system and from the penis to the muscles, thereby preventing penis erection.

Dr. “Anxiety stimulates your sympathetic nervous system,” says Baum. Some men are so overwhelmed by the fear of failure that they secrete large amounts of the adrenal hormone norepinephrine, which causes the opposite reaction to erectile dysfunction. Stay relaxed and keep your parasympathetic nervous system under control to prevent erectile dysfunction. The signals received through this network will direct the arteries and sinuses of the penis to increase blood flow.

Avoid body stimulants

Avoid body stimulants or body-strengthening foods, such as caffeine-rich coffee. These foods can cause erectile dysfunction. Dr. “It’s important to be relaxed during sex,” Goldstein said. The stimulant contracts the muscle, but the muscle must be relaxed before the penis can grow. ‘

Play foreplay

One way to relax is to foreplay the various gestures with emphasis on the partner. Enjoy each other without worrying about whether the penis is growing. Dr. “Skin is the largest sexual organ in the body, not the penis,” Goldstein said.

The above foods will change your life. Your sex life will be enjoyable. These foods will keep your genitals, sexual health, testosterone hormone label all right. However, everything must be eaten regularly.