Gazipur Postal Code All Thana or Upazilas

The city of Gazipur is the only district in Bangladesh with the motto “The guardian of the eastern gateway.” This epithet is appropriate because, unlike the other districts, it lies at the eastern end of Bangladesh and is an important entry point for all visitors to the country.

The district comprises 18 Upazilas (subdistricts). It has a total area of 21,414.33 square kilometers.
There are eight union councils in Gazipur: Gazipur Sadar, Gazipur Bazar, Gazipur Faridganj, Gazipur Fazlul Karim Khan, Gazipur Ghumri, Gazipur Kotwali, and Gazipur Rajbandh.

List of the Gazipur Postal Code All Thana Upazila

Complete Information About the Gazipur District Post Office.

DivisionDistrictThana/UpazilaSub-OfficePost Code
DhakaGazipurGazipur SadarB.O.F1703
DhakaGazipurGazipur SadarB.R.R1701
DhakaGazipurGazipur SadarChandna1702
DhakaGazipurGazipur SadarGazipur Sadar1700
DhakaGazipurGazipur SadarNational University1704
DhakaGazipurKaliganjVaoal Jamalpur1723
DhakaGazipurMonnunagarErshad Nagar1712
DhakaGazipurTuragNishat Nagar1711
DhakaGazipurSripurRajendrapur Canttome1742

Gazipur Postal Code Overview

Gazipur, like any other city or region, has a well-structured postal code system that helps streamline the delivery of mail and packages. A postal code, also known as a ZIP code or PIN code, consists of a series of numbers or letters that are assigned to specific geographic areas, making it easier to sort and deliver mail. Gazipur’s postal code serves as a key identifier for different localities within the city.

Gazipur’s postal code generally follows the format “1700.” However, to ensure precise delivery and facilitate efficient communication, the city is further divided into several postal zones, each with its own unique code. These codes help postal workers and courier services accurately locate addresses and ensure that mail and parcels reach their intended recipients promptly.

Gazipur District Post Offices

Get Gazipur postal codes, postcodes, or zip codes for all thanas, or Upazilas. The following areas are B.O.F Post Office, B.R.R Post Office, Chandna Post Office, Gazipur Sadar Post Office, National University Post Office, Kaliakaar Post Office, Safipur Post Office, Kaliganj Post Office, Pubail Post Office, Santanpara Post Office, Vaoal Jamalpur Post Office, kapashia Post Office, Ershad Nagar Post Office, Monnunagar Post Office, Post Office, Nishat Nagar Post Office, Barmi Post Office, Bashamur Post Office, Boubi Post Office, Kawraid Post Office, Satkhamair Post Office, Sreepur Post Office, Tepirbari Post Office, Tengra Post Office, Rajendrapur Post Office, Rajendrapur Canttome, etc

Why you have to know Gazipur District Postcode Number

You have to mention the postal code when sending a letter or parcel through Bangladesh Postal System. If you want to send parcels to any address in the Gazipur District from anywhere in Bangladesh or anywhere in the world, then the postcode of that address must be mentioned. It determines the geographical location of the place.

In fact, the original address is only readable at the final post office where they make the final pick for delivery. So post or zip codes help post offices sort and deliver mails faster. The postal code is called postal code or pin code (postal index number).

How did Gazipur get its name?

According to Bilu Kabir’s book ‘Districts of Bangladesh: Namkaran Itihasa’, during the reign of Muhammad bin Tughlaq, a Muslim wrestler Ghazi settled in the region and ruled the region successfully for many years.

Folklore has it that the region was named Gazipur after this wrestler/Pahlawan Gazi. Another legend is that Isha Khan was the Jagirdar of Chabiva Parganas during the reign of Emperor Akbar. The son of a follower of this Isha Khan was named Fazal Ghazi. Who was the first ‘Chief’ of Bhawal State? The region was named Gazipur from his name or the surname ‘Gazi’ associated with his name.

Before the name Gazipur, the name of this region was Joydevpur. Why the name Joydevpur came to be, how long it remained, when, and why it no longer existed are also relevant and informative. Zamindar of Bhawal was Jaydev Narayan Roy Chowdhury. A Jaydev Narayan Roy Chowdhury built a house in Pirabari village to live in.

The village was on the south bank of Chili River. At that time, the zamindar named the area ‘Jaidebpur’ in accordance with his own name, and this name was retained until it became a subdivision. When Joydevpur was upgraded to a subdivision, its name was changed to Joydevpur.

It is to be noted that many of the local people still refer to the district as ‘Jaydevpur’. The name of Gazipur Sadar railway station is still ‘Joidebpur Railway Station.

However, in a detailed discussion, it must be said that Gazipur’s earlier name was Joydevpur and its earlier name was Bhawal. Gazipur was declared a district on 1 March 1984 and a city corporation on 7 January 2013: Monday.

What are the interesting places in Gazipur?

There are several interesting places in Gazipur. Some of them include the Hanging Gardens, Padma river, and Sankatmochan Temple. The Hanging Gardens are located on top of a hill in Gazipur. It is a garden that used to be covered in trees until it fell down over time.

The Padma river is the largest river in Bangladesh. It is located in the north of the country and flows through many towns and cities. The Sankatmochan Temple is one of the most popular temples in Bangladesh. It was built by King Narasimhadeva I as a temple to Shiva. There are also several other attractions in Gazipur, but these are some of the most notable ones.

Significance of Gazipur’s Postal Code

Efficient Mail and Parcel Delivery: Gazipur’s postal code system ensures that mail and parcels are delivered promptly and accurately to their destination. By using these codes, postal workers and courier services can easily identify the correct locality, street, and building, reducing the chances of delivery errors.

E-commerce and Online Shopping

With the booming e-commerce industry, Gazipur’s postal codes play a crucial role in online shopping and delivery services. Customers can input their postal code when placing orders, ensuring that their purchases are delivered to the correct address without any hiccups.

Government Services

Gazipur’s postal code system is also essential for accessing government services. Whether it’s applying for official documents or registering for various services, individuals must provide their postal code to ensure that government correspondence reaches them in a timely manner.

Location Identification

For businesses and individuals looking to establish a presence in Gazipur, knowing the postal code of a particular area is essential. It helps in identifying the location accurately, which is especially important for navigation and marketing purposes.

Gazipur’s postal code system is more than just a series of numbers; it’s a vital tool that keeps the city’s communication and commerce flowing smoothly. Whether you’re a resident, a business owner, or someone looking to explore Gazipur, understanding the postal codes of different areas will undoubtedly be a helpful asset. So, the next time you send a letter or receive a package in Gazipur, remember the importance of those five digits that ensure efficient delivery and communication in this vibrant city.

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