How to Stay Young And Beautiful Naturally

Stay Young Beautiful Naturally! We have a lot of everyday habits that push us towards old age. It is normal to get old with age, but sometimes we start getting old before our age.

According to experts, it is possible to retain youth only by giving up some bad habits.

Signs that you are beginning to age prematurely: many gestures such as wrinkling of the face, rapid fatigue, pain when carrying heavy bags in hand, gray hair.

Bad Habits that Push up Old Age Prematurely

1. Smoking

A study published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery says that smoking causes the eyelids to fall off and age spots to form around their faces. As a result, the impression of age is observed on the face.

2. Excessive stress

Wrinkles are directly related to age. However, with age, the skin begins to loosen, which affects the smoothness and elegance of the skin. Wrinkles are formed on the face especially in the lower part of the eye due for this reason. It is directly related to our stress.

3. Not getting enough sleep

Every adult needs at least 8 hours of sleep to live a healthy life. However, many do not sleep well at night. And if you sleep less, the symptoms of premature aging are also caught.

4. Do not exercise regularly

Regular exercise not only keeps the body healthy but also takes care of the mind. If you are too lazy to exercise then old age will come before age. Lack of exercise creates flexibility in the body, which will get rid of many problems in the future. Such as joint or muscle pain. So make it a habit to exercise regularly.

5. Drink soda regularly

Drinking soda increases the age of cells. Researchers at UC San Francisco have found that drinking soda is associated with cell growth, according to a study by Science Daily. So it is better to avoid this kind of drink.

6. Prolonged sun exposure

Sun tanning can cause wrinkles on your face. According to Yale Medicine reports, sunlight can damage your skin. The sun causes premature aging of the skin, which we call photojournalism. This increases the risk of skin cancer.

7. Less smile

If you want to live healthily, you have to laugh. According to experts, if you want to avoid premature aging, improve your habits mentioned here. With positive thinking, practice, and a smile, your face will never see the effects of age.

8. Not resting at work

The time is like this, if you don’t do a lot of work together, you can’t climb the stairs. But ‘multitasking’ creates stress, which affects the body.

“Many people think multitasking is good,” said Raymond Kasshari, a doctor at St. Joseph’s Hospital in California. But it does do nothing but increase stress. ”

Studies have shown that molecules in the body become unstable due to constant stress, which results in cell damage. Which is not right anymore. This gives the impression of age on the skin.

So Kassari’s advice is to start another job only after finishing one job.

9. Eat more sweets

In addition to weight gain, the skin is aged with sweetness or sugar.
San Diego, California Certified Dermatologist Dr. Susan Stewart says, “Sugar molecules stick to the protein fibers of every cell inside the body. This harmful process is called glycation. ”

He said that as a result, the skin loses its radiance, the ink falls under the eyes, the body becomes swollen, the skin becomes wrinkled and wrinkles appear on the skin.
So stay away from eating extra sweets to look younger.

10. Watching TV consistently

Watching serial dramas is one thing and watching TV continuously is another.

The British journal Sports Medicine surveyed about 11,000 Australians. Those who were over twenty-five years old. The results showed that as a result of watching one hour of television, every person loses interest in life for 22 minutes. In other words, watching TV for six hours a day reduces life expectancy by five years.

Kasshari said, “Sitting quietly and watching TV causes more damage. When you sit quietly for more than 30 minutes, sugar starts to accumulate in the body cells. As a result, weight gain. ”

He suggests taking a short walk after watching TV for more than 30 minutes or sitting down to work.

11. Sit for a long time

In addition to obesity, people who spend most of their time sitting may also have kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Generally, those who do physical work or are in exercise live longer.

A survey by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that those who exercised 150 minutes or more a week lived 10 to 13 years longer than idle people.

12. Do extra makeup

If you use a lot of cosmetics, the impression of age can fall on the face.

Dr. Susan Stewart says, “Excessive use of oily cosmetics closes the pores, causing skin damage. On the other hand, cosmetic chemicals, perfumes, and alcohol dry the skin. From which the Wrinkle line appears. ”

So Stuart’s advice is to seek the opinion of a dermatologist before using these.

13. Sleeping on your back

Even if you are lying on your head on a pillow or lying on your back, the impression of old age is on your face.

Facial plastic surgeon and skincare specialist. James C. Marotta says, “Sleeping on your back always interferes with the functioning of the connective tissue in the mouth. As a result, pillow folds fall on the face. If you sleep like this day after day, those spots will leave a line on your face in old age. Those spots do not want to be easily removed at an older age than at a young age.

14. Drinking with a straw

Lips need to be tightened when pulling with any colored drink straw. This time the eyes also wrinkle. Which can lead to wrinkles. Because when you look at the lips, the skin around the face gets wrinkled.

New York dermatologist said. In the words of Janet Prestowski, “the same thing happens when you smoke a cigarette.”

Therefore, the advice of this doctor is that those who prefer soft drinks should make it a habit to eat in a glass without a straw.

15. Exclude all ‘fats’ from food

Some fatty foods help the body retain its youth. Said Frances Cohen, a certified nutritionist, and physiologist in Brooklyn, New York.

“Oily fish (such as salmon) contains omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the heart,” he said. Walnuts help to keep the skin supple and thick. This helps prevent wrinkles. It also increases the performance of the heart and brain. ”

He added that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends keeping fish on the menu at least two days a week.

16. Being clumsy

“Sitting in front of the keyboard for hours on end can make your spine bend and make you unattractive. It can also cause severe pain. ” Said orthopedic surgeon at the Hoag Orthopedic Institute in Irvine, California. Jeremy Smith.

“The S-shaped ‘well-balanced’ spine keeps us in balance,” he added. Muscles, bone marrow, and bones are damaged when you work for long periods. As a result, the body will often ache. You have to get tired a little bit. If it continues like this for a long time, there will be a permanent loss. ”

The doctor advised to keep the ears, shoulders, and buttocks in the same straight line or parallel while working while sitting.

17. Eating extra fastfoot

Do you have a habit of eating extra fast food? But then you will grow old very quickly. This is because those who eat extra fast food or oily foods are deficient in various nutrients and the intake of extra calories has a detrimental effect on the body. As a result, rapid aging comes closer.

18. Excessive anger

A study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine found that excessive anger causes the body to secrete a hormone called cortisol. This hormone plays an important role in speeding up the aging process of the body.

Symptoms of Premature Aging

Gradual weakening of all the organs of the body is a common symptom of aging. However, we are talking about the symptoms that indicate premature aging.

01. Wrinkles on the face

Wrinkles are directly related to age. However, with age, the skin begins to loosen, which affects the smoothness and elegance of the skin. Wrinkles are formed on the face especially in the lower part of the eye due for this reason. It is directly related to our eating habits. More saturated fats, fats, processed foods, smoking, and alcohol consumption can cause the premature formation of wrinkles. Wrinkle problems can be avoided by eating more fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants.

02. Quick hair fall and whitening

Hair loss and graying are among the most common signs of aging. However, we still see this problem in very young children. The biggest reason for this is pollution and adulteration. Pollution has a direct effect on our hair and skin. Which causes them to begin to weaken. This problem is also genetic in some people. At the same time, the harmful chemicals found in adulterated food damage the melanin particles, causing the hair to turn white.

03. Pale face

Bone density begins to decrease with age. It sometimes occurs before age due to malnutrition, heart disease, stress, and smoking. You can easily modify it by changing your lifestyle and eating habits.

04. Lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation can also cause symptoms of premature aging. For example, short sleep or easy sleep deprivation are all symptoms. The main reason for the cortisol hormone is also known as stress or stress hormone. Excessive stress can cause cortisol to grow, which can lead to sleep problems. We can easily overcome such problems by reducing stress and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

What to Prevent Premature Aging

01. Use of sunscreen

Sunscreen should be used for going out a bit, shopping, riding a motorcycle-bike-car in the sun, etc. This reduces the chances of getting wrinkles on the skin. The information was provided by Associate Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Sarah L. Taylor.

He says, “One of the reasons for reading wrinkles is the sun’s ultraviolet rays or ultraviolet exposure. There are UV lights even on cloudy or rainy days. The only way to protect yourself from these rays is sunscreen. Especially people in their 30s and 50s should use this cream when they go out during the day. ”

02. Eye cream

The skin around the eyes is thinner than other parts of the face. So the wrinkles around the axilla fall quickly. For this reason, ice cream should be used for skincare as well as eye skincare.

Dr. Susan Stewart says the more moisture around the eyes, the less the effects of aging.

In his words, good ice cream contains Vitamin A, Anti-oxidant, Moisturizer, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C. These help to keep the skin taut. As a result, wrinkles do not fall easily around the eyes.

Stay Young Beautiful Naturally

Foods that Prevent Premature Aging

Experts say that a healthy lifestyle and eating certain foods can help prevent age spots on the skin. Foods That Can Prevent Premature Aging-

01. Tomato

Tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene which is very effective in preventing various skin diseases. This ingredient also helps to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

02. Almonds

There is no pair of nuts to retain youth in appearance. In particular, walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, so they smooth the skin and enhance the radiance of skin. Cholesterol levels in walnuts are very low. For this reason, any type of nuts should be included in the regular food list.

03. Olive Oil

Research says that cooking with olive oil is much healthier. You can massage olive oil on the skin twice a day to get rid of dry skin. This will help keep the skin taut.

04. Broccoli

Detoxification is very important to maintain the youth of the skin. Broccoli has a lot of detoxification ingredients that keep the cells fresh by removing harmful substances from the body. You can keep broccoli on the food list two or three days a week to keep the skin youthful.

05. Pomegranate

Eat pomegranate every day to prevent skin wrinkles. The antioxidants in it help to keep the skin taut.

06. Spinach

Spinach is rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins, and minerals. The antioxidants in it destroy free radicals in the body and prevent the appearance of age marks on the skin.

07. Yellow

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients in turmeric help to increase digestion. At the same time, it plays a special role in preventing the impression of age.

08. Garlic

Garlic helps to increase youthful vigor by preventing premature aging. So you have to eat one raw garlic every day. It also helps in maintaining good health.

09. Fenugreek

Fenugreek soaked water is very beneficial. Because this drink does not give the impression of age on the face. Fenugreek also helps to prevent various diseases of the body. It restores the youth of the skin by growing new cells.

10. Thankuni leaves

You can eat some thankuni leaves with rose food. It helps a lot in cleansing the stomach and increasing youthfulness.

11. Raw pepper

Raw pepper helps to keep the skin vibrant and beautiful. It also helps to remove age marks from the skin. It is a food rich in vitamin C. And this vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C helps to keep the skin radiant. It also prevents premature aging.

12. Green leafy vegetables

Include plenty of green leafy vegetables in your daily diet. Because vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Which helps to keep the whole body healthy. And it helps the skin to grow new cells and gives youth.

13. Cereal foods

Cereal foods are rich in the vitamin-B complex. And this vitamin B is very beneficial to keep the skin good. Vitamin B plays a key role in the growth of new skin cells. It makes the skin pale and radiant. And also helps to remove the impression of age from the skin. So you have to eat some cereal food every day.

Stay Young Beautiful Naturally