Pabna Mental Hospital Contact Number

Pabna Mental Hospital Contact Number & Address

Name: Pabna Mental Hospital, Pabna
Address: Hemayetpur, Pabna Sadar, Pabna
Contact: +88073165581 +8801753274266
Open Time: 08 AM – 2:30 PM (Friday Close)

Phone: 0731-65332 (Director), 0731-66230 (caretaker)
Fax: 0731-65581
E-mail: [email protected]

Pabna Mental Hospital is the only specialized hospital in Bangladesh for the treatment of mental patients. According to the hospital, 86,419 residential patients were admitted there from 1957 to August 2021. 73 thousand 731 of them have returned home with clearance. In the eight years from 2014 to August 2021, 49 of the hospitalized patients died. Delwar Hossain, a statistical officer of Pabna Mental Hospital, said that from 2009 to August 2021, 4 lakh 77 thousand 759 people were treated in the outpatient department. The number of female patients was more. Outside the hospital, an average of 130 to 140 patients are treated daily.

The 500-bed hospital has an estimated 350 patients as of September 7. Authorities say patients are coming in a little less because of Kovid. More than 450 patients are admitted if the covid condition is normal. At present no patient is being admitted without a covid test. Negative results after the test are actually just being admitted. In addition, due to the recent lock-down patients are not able to come easily. This is why the number of patients is comparatively less now.

Beginning of Mental Hospital: The hospital was built in 1957 on 133 acres of land at Hemayetpur Union, 3 km away from Pabna city. Not only in Bangladesh but also in the Indian subcontinent this famous hospital has a nickname. The hospital was established in 1957 by the then Civil Surgeon of Pabna district Mohammad Hossain Ganguly. In the first year of its establishment, the activities started at the Shitlai zamindar’s house in the city.

In the first year, 80 mental patients were admitted to the hospital. At first, the journey of this hospital started with 60 beds. In 1986, in the first phase, the number of beds was increased to 150 and later to 200. The hospital was upgraded to 500 beds in the last phase in 1996. At present 5 out of 19 wards of the hospital are allocated for female patients. The remaining 14 wards have male patients.

Meanwhile, the hospital has a total of 53 buildings including a two-story building, an outdoor department, an administrative building, medicine storage building, goods storage building, kitchen, laundry, entertainment department, cinema hall, handicraft building, weaving building, a residential building for officers and employees and cottages. However, many of these buildings are now unusable. However, the main burden of the people of the country is now on top of this hospital for the treatment of mental patients.

Causes of mental illness and treatment methods: There are no specific symptoms of mental illness. However, the symptoms of each patient are visible to the doctors. Observations of patients’ histories have shown that most of their ancestors had some form of mental illness. As a result, Masud Rana Sarkar, a resident psychiatrist at Pabna Mental Hospital, sees it as a hereditary disease.

“When we look at the patient’s history, we see that one of the ancestors in that patient’s family had the disease,” he told VOA. That is why we can say that mental illness is due to heredity. People also suffer from mental illness due to anxiety, any major trauma, financial problems. People who have been suffering from this kind of problem for a long time become mentally unbalanced at one time.

He added that most of the patients admitted here have a ‘suspicious’ tendency. They suspect drugs, suspect people close to them, think they are enemies, hear the unseen hour, suddenly become violent. Trying to harm himself, he attacked and killed people nearby, vandalizing things. Again there are some patients who have negative movement. They don’t talk to anyone, they keep quiet, they just stare when someone asks. Doesn’t answer words.

Dr. Masood Rana said that obese patients come to the outpatient department with headaches and the main cause of these headaches is stress. If someone is under stress for a long time, worrying then their head will hurt like this. There are also various signs of their body. A closer look at them reveals that they are suffering from depression. At one point they went insane under intense stress.

We treat such patients with out-of-door treatment. Only those with severe problems are advised to be admitted for long-term treatment. Outpatient patients with epilepsy, autistic children are also treated outdoors.

Medicine for the treatment of the mentally ill is prescribed through the Department of Bio-Psycho-Social Approach, Acupressure. After the application of the medicine, when the patient progresses, they are treated through this department. They were also given some psychological counseling. Apart from that, indoor patients are taught handicrafts and are allowed to read regular magazines. They also do small things to forget the stress.

Dr. Masud Rana Sarkar, a resident psychiatrist at Pabna Psychiatric Hospital, said that although the incidence of mental illness is twice as high in women as in men, there are more male patients indoors and more female outdoor patients. Although families are interested in treating men, they are less interested in treating women. Most of the families do not want to be admitted indoors due to various problems of women. As a result, their main reliance is on outdoor treatment.

The condition of the hospital during Kovid

The hospital authorities are taking utmost precaution when the situation in Bangladesh is deteriorating during Kovid-19. As a result, none of the patients admitted to the hospital residences were infected with Kovid and no casualties were reported. The director of the hospital, Dr. Abul Bashar Md. Ashaduzzaman told VOA that no patient had been admitted without a covid test to deal with the covid situation. Asked whether the patients admitted to the hospital have been vaccinated, Dr. Abul Bashar said, “Patients here have not been vaccinated yet.” We had a meeting about vaccination. Discussions will be held with government officials on how to bring the admitted patients under vaccination.

Pabna Mental Hospital at a Glance

Established: 1957
Plan Acceptance: Dr. Mohammad Hossain Ganguly, Civil Surgeon, Pabna.
Total land: 111.25 acres (out of which 30 acres have been transferred to Pabna Medical College)
Buildings: There are single storey, two storey and three storey buildings.
Total number of wards: 18 (including drug addiction treatment wards)
Number of beds: 500, Paying beds 150 (30 development sectors), Non-paying beds 350 (70 development sectors)
Medical system: Outpatient department, inpatient department, vocational and recreational medical department.
Examination: X-ray, pathology, ECG, EEG
Training activities: Physicians, University students, Paramedics, Nurses. Apart from that, trainees from NGOs choose this hospital for practical training in occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Pabna Mental Hospital Doctor List

#Dr. Md. Ruhid Hossain

MBBS (DMC), BCS (Health), FCPS (Medicine), PGT (Medicine, Neurology, Cardiology)
Medicine, Neurology & Cardiology Specialist
Mental Hospital, Pabna

Chamber: Fair Hospital & Diagnostic Center, Pabna
Address: Beside Pabna TB Hospital, Hospital Road, Shalgaria, Pabna
Visiting Hour: 2.30 pm to 06 pm (Closed: Thursday & Friday)
Contact Number: +8801730880795

#Prof. Dr. Saroj Kumar Das

MBBS, FCPS (Psychiatry)
Mental Diseases, Brain, Sex & Drug Addiction Specialist
Mental Hospital, Pabna

Chamber: Medinova Medical Services, Dhanmondi
Address: House # 71/A, Road # 5/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
Visiting Hour: 5 pm to 8 pm (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu)
Contact Number: +8801750557722

#Dr. Md. Khairul Bashar

MBBS, MCPS (Psychology), FCPS (Psychology)
Mental Health Specialist
Mental Hospital, Pabna

Chamber: Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center, Doyagonj
Address: 28, Hut Lane, Doyagonj, Gandaria, Dhaka – 1204
Visiting Hour: 5 pm to 7 pm (Sun, Tue & Thu)
Contact Number: +8801878115751

#Dr. Mohammad Ali

MBBS, FCPS (Psychiatry), MPhil (Psychiatry), MD (Psychiatry)
Psychiatrist & Mental Health Specialist
Mental Hospital, Pabna

Chamber: Shimla Hospital, Pabna
Address: Shimla Tower, Thana Mor, Hospital Road, Pabna
Visiting Hour: 3 pm to 9 pm (Sat, Mon & Wed)
Contact Number: +8801713228218

#Prof. Dr Tanmay Prakesh Biswas

MBBS, M-Phil (Psychiatry), PhD
Psychiatrist & Mental Health Specialist
Mental Hospital, Pabna

Chamber: Kimia Diagnostic Center, Pabna
Address: Pach Matha Mor, Beside Central Girls School, Shalgaria, Pabna
Visiting Hour: Sat, Sun & Wed (11am to 2pm & 5pm to 8pm), Friday (5pm to 8pm)
Contact Number: +8801711489711

#Dr. Md. Masud Rana Sarkar

MBBS, BCS (Health), FCPS (Psychiatry)
Brain, Mental Health & Drug Addiction Specialist
Mental Hospital, Pabna

Chamber: Labaid Diagnostic, Pabna
Address: Beside Joy Kali Bari, Thana Road, Shalgaria, Pabna
Visiting Hour: 3 pm to 7 pm (Closed: Wed & Fri)
Contact Number: +8801766-661901

#Dr. A.K.M Shafiul Azam

MBBS, MD (Psychiatry)
Psychiatry & Mental Health Specialist
Mental Hospital, Pabna

Chamber: Euro Medical Center, Pabna
Address: Beside JoyKali Bari, Hospital Road, Shalgaria, Pabna
Visiting Hour: 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm (Closed: Friday)
Contact Number: +8801758853666

#Dr. Waliul Hasnat Sajib

MBBS, MD (Psychiatry)
Mental Health, Drug Addiction & Psychiatry Specialist
Mental Hospital, Pabna

Chamber: City Diagnostic Center, Pabna
Address: Beside TB Hospital, Hospital Road, Shalgaria, Pabna
Visiting Hour: 2.30 pm to 5 pm (Closed: Thursday & Friday)
Contact Number: +88073165308

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