how to reduce pain at home naturally

how to relieve pain without medicine

To avoid coronavirus infection, many people are now staying at home, some are doing office work from home, some are just spending idle time. But because of working on a computer or laptop for a long time, watching TV for a long time, or being busy on the mobile phone for a long time with the neck tilted, the pain in the body of many people is increasing.

Some people already have joint pain. Hormonal complications such as vitamin D deficiency, increased uric acid levels, overweight, diabetes or thyroid can also cause pain. However, one of the causes of various types of joint pain is misalignment or misuse of the spine. But at this time there is no opportunity to go for physiotherapy or see a doctor. In this case, following some procedures at home can reduce the pain:

Hot or cold toast helps to reduce temporary pain
If any joint is swollen, you can give cold soak for 10-15 minutes

Vitamin D: Vitamin D and Calcium are essential for keeping bones healthy. So spend some time in the sun on the roof or porch of the house between seven and eight in the morning every day. At this time keep some parts of the hands and feet uncovered. If necessary, vitamin D and calcium supplements can be taken according to the doctor’s advice.

Aerobic Exercise: Regularly do aerobic exercise for 25 minutes five days a week. Exercises like jogging, indoor cycling, treadmill, dancing, rope jumping. This increases the demand for oxygen and increases blood flow to the joints.

Mobilization Exercise: Mobilization exercise should be done. For example, the legs should be straight and the feet should be rotated back and forth, right and left. Do each exercise ten times.

Hot or cold toast: Hot or cold toast helps to reduce temporary pain. If any joint is swollen, you can give a cold soak for 10-15 minutes. However, ice cannot be given directly. This can cause ice burn. If the pain is chronic or not swollen, hot water can be given. In this case, also caution must be exercised.

Proper posture: We need to keep our spine straight while sitting, walking, and standing. No work can be done with the spine bent.

Weight control: Overweight puts pressure on the joints. So you have to control your weight.

Author: Physiotherapy Consultant, PTRC