bleeding gums treatment naturally at home

how to stop gum bleeding immediately home remedy

Many people bleed from the gums when brushing or brushing their teeth. We do not attach much importance to such issues. But long-term gum disease has been described by experts as a silent killer. And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes. It can be a symptom of a more complex disease. So this problem should not be neglected at all.

1. In most cases, due to non-regular cleaning of the face in accordance with the rules, special ingredients of saliva, germs, and food particles in the mouth combine to form a white sticky substance called dental plaque between the teeth and gums. Within a few days, the plaque turns into hard rock and causes inflammation in the gums. In the early stages the gums become red and swollen; The next time you brush, play hard or bleed, you bleed. In this case, treatment should be taken on the advice of a doctor without neglect. You need to clean your teeth properly. In many cases, healthy gums can also bleed due to improper dental floss or toothbrush injuries.

2. Lack of certain vitamins or minerals like Vitamin C, D, K, Iron can cause bleeding in the gums. Balanced healthy foods such as fresh formalin-free fruits, vegetables, milk, sour yogurt, eggs, small fish, marine fish keep the gums healthy.

3. Incompatible dentures, orthodontic wires, or anything else can also cause bleeding gums. In this case, it is important to consult a doctor immediately.

Bleeding from the gums can also be the primary symptoms of various blood diseases such as hemophilia to leukemia or blood cancer, liver problems, blood clotting factors, dengue, uncontrolled diabetes, AIDS etc.

5. There may be bleeding gums even after taking blood thinners or some medicines to control high blood pressure. So when you consult a dentist, tell us exactly what medications you are taking.

6. Hormonal differences during pregnancy or at special times can also cause bleeding gums.

7. Excessive stress, long-term illness, smoking, and many other reasons, even if the body’s immunity is reduced, it can happen.

Because whatever it is, it is important to identify and seek treatment. Because gum disease not only damages the teeth, it can also be a symptom of other complications.

Author: Raj Dental Center, Kalabagan, Dhaka