Migraine Foods to Avoid List

foods that increase migraine headaches

Almost everyone has experienced headaches. There are some foods that increase headaches. These can also be called the cause of headaches.

Caffeine increases the level of headaches. Dairy foods also cause headaches. However, it is not the case that everyone will have a headache after eating one type of food. Eating one meal at a time can cause headaches.

If you find that eating this food increases your headaches, it is better to avoid this type of food. A report has been published in the health department of the lifestyle website Boldsky.

Processed meat

Hot dogs, bacon, processed meats are used in these. Preservatives used in these foods can exacerbate headaches. So it is better to avoid such foods.


Pepper contains an ingredient called capsaicin. It increases migraine headaches. So if you have migraine problems, it is better to eat less pepper.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits, such as oranges and kiwis, contain a mixture of tyramine and histamine. These increase the headaches.


Coffee helps relieve fatigue. However, drinking extra coffee causes sleep problems. But due to sleep problems but headaches.

Ice cream

Many people like ice cream. However, many people may not know that this food causes headaches. Studies have shown that eating cold foods causes headaches. Many people get headaches after eating ice cream.

migraine foods to avoid list