How to prune tomato plants for maximum yield?

If you’ve grown tomatoes in the past, you’ve probably noticed that your plants can be picky about what kind of soil and what type of fertilizer to use. Fortunately, with a little effort, you can ensure that your tomato plants are properly nourished by pruning them.

First off, choose a spot for your tomato plant that has good drainage and plenty of sun exposure.

Next, choose a time when it’s warm out because this is when the plant tends to grow more vigorously. After the weather warms up, prune your tomato plants back.

For example, if you grow tomato plants in containers, remove about half the container’s depth to encourage the roots to spread out and increase their root mass.

Then, make sure you’re feeding your tomato plants with a balanced fertilizer as well as compost or manure. And watch out for pests like aphids and nematodes.