How to protect from black fungus infection

How to protect from black fungus infection

In India, about 11,000 Corona patients have been infected with black fungus. India has recently declared the infection an epidemic. Various researches are going on in the expert community. Concern has appeared in the minds of the people.

A person infected with corona is infected with black fungus during treatment and even after recovery. There are also differences of opinion among experts as to exactly why and how this infection is occurring.

We found that people with diabetes, low immunity, and long-term use of steroids were more likely to be infected with the black fungus if they had coronary heart disease. However, 21% of infected patients in India have not been diagnosed with diabetes so far. As a result, if you have diabetes, you will be infected with this fungus and if you do not have it, you will not be infected.

Black fungus infection

Meanwhile, many experts now say that excessive use of zinc in the treatment of coronary heart disease may be the cause of the increase in black fungal infections. Former President of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) said. The Times of India quoted Rajiv Joydevan as saying that there could be three main reasons behind the outbreak of black fungus.

He cited (1) excess zinc intake, (2) excess use of hot steam, and (3) simultaneous application of multiple antibiotics as cures for coronavirus infection.

In support of this, he met Dr. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Medical College, Indore. VP Pandey cited a source in a research paper. According to the study, the three factors mentioned above may play a role in increasing the incidence of black fungus infection along with corona infection.

Now let’s try to understand the matter a little clearer.

1) Excess zinc

Zinc boosts the body’s immune system, that’s right. It works on about 300 different enzymes that make the body resistant to disease. But at the same time, it has been proven that zinc fungus can be a major cause of reproduction, especially black fungus. Studies have shown that zinc-free cells make it harder for fungi to survive.

2) More and more hot steam or steam

Dr. According to VP Pandey’s research sources. Rajiv Joydevan says that excessive amounts of vapor can damage the soft membrane lining of our noses. It can even burn. This destroys our natural immunity and can easily infect black fungus. This is because, in the past, 10-20% of burn patients have contracted the fungus.

(3) Use of multiple antibiotics at the same time

Dr. Rajiv Joydevan says that many times it is seen that multiple antibiotics are being used at the same time for the treatment of corona patients. He thinks that this unwanted use of antibiotics may also have caused the infection of black fungus.

As a result, it is best not to take too much zinc without a doctor’s advice, to take too much and repeated hot steam, and not to take more than one antibiotic at a time. It is believed that this will make it possible to prevent the spread of the black fungus.