gestational diabetes during pregnancy is normal

gestational diabetes normal during pregnancy

Nowadays a significant portion of women are suffering from gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes or gestational diabetes is a special type of diabetes that occurs in women after 24 weeks of gestation and usually goes away after childbirth.

Being overweight, over 25 years of age, family history of diabetes, previous borderline or pre-diabetes history, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc. increases the risk of gestational diabetes.

High levels of various hormones during pregnancy are responsible for this. After childbirth, the hormone levels drop again and in most cases, it gets better. This does not mean that he is no longer at risk for diabetes.

The study found that 1.7 percent of those with gestational diabetes developed diabetes within one year, 16 percent within 10 years, and 25 percent within 15 years. Even after the birth of a child, the risk of developing diabetes is reduced by keeping the weight right, measuring calories, and exercising regularly.