baby sitting position problems for spine

Keep an eye on the baby’s seating

Younger children often spread their legs in the shape of the English letter W. At this time the two knees are bent backward and the legs are outside the thighs. This is called W seating position.

They do this mainly for balance and comfort. If you sit like this for a short time, then there will not be much problem in the body. But sitting like this for a long time can lead to various complications. So parents need to be aware of this.

Why do children sit in the W sitting position?

If children have weak spinal and abdominal muscles.

■ If the child has a structural problem (femoral antivirus) in the femoral joint.

If the baby has any problems with balance and body coordination. Many times children choose this position for comfort.

The detrimental aspect of the W seating position
Prolonged W-sitting position in children can cause some physical complications.

■ The joints of the knees, thighs, or buttocks may become displaced

Decreased spinal function or movement

The function of the upper body, such as the abdominal and back muscles, may also be reduced. This may impair the child’s normal development later on.

Sitting like this for a long time can cause back pain in the baby.

May have problems walking and doing daily activities.

■ Prolonged sitting like this makes the leg muscles stiff and short in length, making it difficult for the child to perform various tasks such as running, jumping, climbing, driving, etc.

■ As the movement of the spine decreases, it is difficult to maintain balance on both sides of the body.

What parents should do

Parents need to take care that their children do not sit like this for a long time. Instead of sitting like this, they should make it a habit to cross sitting, sitting with legs extended, sitting on one side, bending the knees, sitting on a small bench, etc. If necessary, the parents will show the children how to sit like this or will also teach them through various cartoons.